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Spark detectors and electrical components

Spark detectors

By installing the spark detectors the risk of fire is reduced considerably.
In the presence of incandescent bodies inside pipes the spark detector provides an impulse to the sprinklers to produce a jet of water thus putting out any fire. At the same time the warning siren will sound to advise the operators that the system has started (fire alarm siren-lamp).
On demand the detection system can be provided with an additional device which automatically stops the intake plant in the case when incandescent bodies have been captured.

Electrical Inverter switch boards

The electrical Inverter switch boards are provided with a differential pressure measurement system to adjust the speed of the motor according to the open air vents. This device will allow you to save electrical energy by adjusting the motor speed according to the utilities being used.
The electrical switch boards are compliant with Italian Law 46 of 05.03.1990.

Fire damper

The “REI 120” fire damper is a valve positioned in the pipe connecting to the hopper and is used to shut off the facility from the hopper in the case of a fire by separating the two parts, thus avoiding any spreading of flames.


Rate-of-rise detector

The rate-of-rise detector is positioned on the roof of the purifier and provides indication of an increase in temperature. On demand it is possible to spray water for a few minutes by means of a manual shutter in order to put out any fires or to lower the temperature inside the purifier.



Tribo-electrical sensor for continuous monitoring of emissions

The purpose of the tribo-electrical sensor is to make sure that the limits of emissions as established by legislation are not exceeded regarding environmental-atmospheric pollution, thus highlighting the wear and tear of filters and hoses.