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The hoppers have been designed for the storage of dust coming from the fan through the piping. When the material is deposited inside the hopper the dusty air that is formed is purified by the filter bags placed at the upper part of the hopper, and by means of the diffuser on the roof it is expelled towards the outside. To perform analysis of the emissions into the atmosphere, the diffuser is provided with a sampling outlet. In this way it is possible to make sure that the expulsions into the air are also in compliance with current legislation.

By means of the inspection window (peephole) you can check to make sure that the storage space is not completely full so as not to clog the filter bags.
The material deposited in the hopper is extracted by means of a motorised screw extractor.
In the mean time the spark detectors, installed in the piping (on demand) capture and neutralise any incandescent bodies which could be formed.