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Filter sub-stations

System combined

A ‘vacuum system allows the combined’ simultaneous use of various machines having different functions together.
For example, in companies where the scraps are great you can reuse for energy a part of them.
In this case then:
– The amount of recycled material will pass through a storage silo that specifically connected feed a thermal power station (boiler);
– The excess material will be downloaded to the ‘ultimate disposal of waste (waste on bags, containers, etc. …).


Filtering substation with automatic cleaning

The reverse current washing filtering substation of the SFL series are designed to remove dust resulting from industrial processes. Made with rugged profiled steel and panels of top-quality die-bent galvanized iron sheet, the substations contain a sequence of hoses placed in parallel rows kept taut by means galvanized net baskets. The cleaning of hoses is obtained thanks to a compressed air system controlled by solenoid valves. These ones control pressure and quality of air by means of a commutator-timer. Upon request, a device for the automatic adjustments of the cleaning frequency is supplied; the cleaning is carried out according to the clogging of hoses and permits the following: saving in managements, longer working life of hoses, more dust is attracted, filtering surface always active, reduction of compressed air, more safety and efficiency of the system. Then, the filtered dust is collected and conveyed by means of a scroll and a star valve. Special attention has been paid, during the design phase, to maintenance and safety of the SFL machines: a very easy access system has been conceived and the substation of stairs and banisters have been adopted in full compliance with the regulations about safety in force. The substations of the SFL series of IMEA Impianti srl have EC mark.


The filtering substations with hoses

The filtering substations with hoses of the SFS series are designed to remove dust due to industrial process. Composed of panels of top quality die-bent galvanized iron sheet, these have been realized so as to optimize the relationship between dimensions and filtering surface to reduce the room required for installation. The hose cleaning is obtained by an automatism combining a shaking frame and motor vibrators which let the dust fall into the hoppers, restoring, in this way, the filtering efficiency. The dust is collected and conveyed by means of a scroll and a star valve, the cleaning is carried out at each cycle completion (every 8 hours), after the stopping of the electroexhauster. The design phase has paid special attention to maintenance and safety. All the substations have EC mark and complete user’s and maintenance manuals.