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Active carbon purifiers

The FILTERS or ACTIVE CARBON PURIFIERS are used to reduce solvents coming from machining processes.
The purifiers operate in depression and are provided with a twin stage filter:
the first stage of synthetic corrugated fibre cell pre-filters take in and hold the solvents; the second stage consists of cylindrical cartridges made from micro-stretched sheet metal containing carbon with the function of purifying the dusty air, so as it is expelled out clean into the atmosphere. Both filters are easy to inspect and remove for replacement or cleaning purposes.


The self-cleaning cartridge filters

The self-cleaning cartridge filters of the FCL range are designed for the removal of very fine dusts due to industrial processing. Cartridge filters are made with sound profiled steel and panels of top quality die-bent galvanized sheet iron. The cleaning of the cartridges is carried out by means of a compressed air system controlled by solenoid valves. These ones control the pressure and the quantity of air by means of a commutator-timer. Upon request, a device for the automatic control of the cleaning frequency is supplied; this one works depending on the clogging of the cartridges and permits the following: saving in the operation modes, the cartridges last longer, the dusts are checked better, the filtering surface is always active, the compressed air is reduced, the safety and efficiency of the system is increased. The filtered dusts are then collected and conveyed to a container. Throughout the desing phase, special attention has been paid to the maintenance and safety of the FCL machines by conceiving a very practical access system in full compliance with the safety regulations in force. The filters of the FCL range of IMEA plants are provided with EC mark.


Hose filters

The hose filters of the FMS series represent the cheapest, least cumbersome solution for the filtration of dust requiring high filtering surface. Composed of units consisting of top quality panels of die-bent galvanized iron sheet, the FMS filters have been realized so as to reduce dimensions in proportion to the filtering surfaces, so that their fixing is possible even where there is little space available. The cleaning of the hoses is carried out by means of mechanical automatism consisting of a shaking frame and motor vibrators which provoke the removal and falling of dust into the hoppers so that the filtering efficiency of the hoses is restored. Special attention has been paid, during the design phase, to the FMS filter maintenance and safety; just like all the machine made by IMEA Impianti srl, these filters have EC mark and complete user’s and maintenance manuals.