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  • Background


    Since 1973 IMEA Impianti S.r.l has played a leading role in Italy and overseas for the design, production, installation and commissioning of industrial extraction plants.

    We have always been involved in the treatment of air, energy recovery, reclamation and anti-pollution for companies committed in the various commodities sectors: wood, marine, resins, mechanical, machining and processing of inert substances, milling industry, electronics, food stuffs, paints, stamping, plastic materials, surface finishing, glass, ceramic, energy recovery from biomasses, recycling etc..

    Thanks to many years of experience besides improving the quality of the products the Company has directed its attention to the realisation of new filter systems in accordance with the market requirements, and in compliance with current legislation on the subject matter of health and safety of workers and the environment.



    IMEA Impianti supplies the excellence extractor plants, from the fusion of experience and innovation.


    IMEA Impianti people are an experienced and innovative team, capable to offer the best solutions to your own requirements. We help you to make the best choice, from the feasibility to the detailed design. Imea take care of plants and Customers building an exclusive partnership up. We are glad to offer our experience because we belive in work, your work and our work.

  • Plant

    Thanks to a staff of 40 people and a total surface area of 5.000 m² we are able to provide our Customers with a high quality product, rapid service, effective and efficient installation and a good supply of spare parts.

    The Company is clearly capable of resolving each single need in a personalised manner. By prior appointment our qualified technicians will perform a site survey at your premises to evaluate the exact problems and to suggest the best solution tailored to your requirements.

  • Imea in the world


    IMEA Impianti srl markets its products in various countries of the world, including:

    Romania, Poland, Hungary, Russia, Ucraine, Turkey, France, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Jamaica, Gabon, Albania, Tunisia, Marocco, Argentina, Libya, Bulgaria, Venezuela, Malaysia, Nigeria, Croatia, Ivory Coast, Reunion Island, Ireland, China, Portugal, Moldava, Belgium.

  • Company data and certification

    IMEA Impianti s.r.l guarantees that the plants are exclusively MADE IN ITALY.
    The equipment supplied by IMEA Impianti s.r.l. is subject to safety requirements prescribed by implementation of the EU Norms, and specific EU specifications and requirements. The CE mark certifies that the installed equipment is compliant with all the main safety requirements of the Directives. For each product a Certificate of Conformity shall be provided.

    Each supply shall be complete with

    an Operation and Maintenance Manual providing indications for a correct use and maintenance of the plant.

    Furthermore, to renew confidence towards our Customers we have created a technical assistance service for programmed maintenance which envisages periodic yearly visits, to ensure that the plant remains unchanged and maintains the correct operating characteristics.

    The Company is able to design and supply plants with equipment in compliant with the ATEX Directive. On demand it is possible to upgrade existing plants to be compliant with the prescriptions of the ATEX Directive (for further information please see our news page)

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