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Mobile and semi-mobile extractors

Industrial trolley extractors

The industrial trolley extractors are mobile devices, consisting of an extractor unit fitted to one or two rings, depending on the model.
The structure is anchored to a base fitted with a wheel for easy movement even when it is fully loaded. The top bag, made from filter material (or cartridge) is also used to reduce noise and is held by a tubing with a terminal ring. The lower bag are used to store the residuals sucked in.
They are machines designed to collect dust and light dry non-incandescent shavings such as wood, aluminium etc.


Semi-mobile extractor hoses

The semi-mobile extractor hoses take in dust, dry micro-dust and welding fumes.
They are provided with clutch controls which MAKE them easy to move and are able to be positioned at the relevant areas.



Atex trolley mounted vacuum cleaners

The wheeled vacuum cleaner is suitable for vacuuming fine dust ATEX Zone 21 and Consists in a centrifugal fan and in a electric motor ATEX (explosion-proof).
The non-woven fabric Polyester filter cartridge (spundbond technology) Allows a better filtration efficiency and a high stability. The surface electrical conductivity of the filtering fabric is Obtained by the application of aluminum powder. The filter fabric is used in all cases of explosion risk since the high value of electrical conductivity (Rd < 10³ Ohms) Eliminates all the electrostatic charges on the fabric. The BIA certified, responds to the Directive ZH1 / 487.